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our plan for reopening our campus

we are moving indoors on October 25!

sunday services
8:30a | 10a | 11:30a

We are excited to resume indoor gatherings on our church campus! We have capacity limitations and some guidelines we want you to be aware of, so please read below to find out what you can expect when you come on our campus. If you have any questions or concerns please email our team at covidresponse@fairoaks.church. Thank you!

what to expect

Our goal is to create the safest possible environment for in person gatherings indoors.
We are offering 3 different service times with live worship and preaching. Worship at the 8:30a service will be Classic while the 10a & 11:30a will be Contemporary.
We may not all agree on this issue, but as a church body representing Jesus, we will honor the guidelines in effect, and do this in love and service to others.
Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for severe illness from Covid-19 and are encouraged to worship from home.
At this time, it is most feasible for our team to manage and facilitate services in one worship venue and the FLC is our best option.

We're kindly asking that you be considerate of others and minimize close contact. We are encouraging waves and smiles instead of handshakes and hugs please!
You can help us by exiting the venue promptly after service so our team can begin sanitizing for the next worship service. Thank you for helping us create the safest possible environment!
For your safety, we won't be serving coffee or donuts holes at this time. We're kindly asking you to not bring any food or drink inside the venue.
You and your kids can RSVP a week in advance. Don't worry, you won't need to print your ticket. Find out more about how to reserve seats here.

Your household can sit together! Groups of chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart to accommodate our current limit of 100 people per service.
We will have a station at the entrance and touchless sanitizer dispensers around campus. Doors will be propped open when possible for fresh air and to avoid touching door handles.


when can I reserve seats?

Reservations will open on Sundays for the following Sunday's services. Currently, the guidelines allow for no more than a total of 100 people per service. You'll be able to reserve the amount of tickets for you and your household. If you know someone who is unable to reserve seats online, please have them call the church office and leave a message at (916) 967-4784.

do i need to print my ticket?

No! When you sign up, you should receive an email confirmation. When you arrive to church, there will be a place where you can check in. We'll have a list of names for those who have reserved seats. You can give your name or show us your e-ticket on your smart phone.

Are they assigned seats?

No! When you arrive, we'll have ushers to help direct you to seats according to the size of your party. The arrangement of seats will be appropriately spaced in the room.

what if there aren't seats?

If the service time you would like to attend has reached capacity, you can see if there are seats available at another service time or please join us online here!

programs for kids & students

We are excited to reintroduce Sunday morning programs for Kids (for ages 2 through 5th grade) at 8:30a, 10a and 11:30a. Our priority is to provide an in person option for our kids that is engaging and as safe as possible. If you want to know what Kids Ministry will look like, read through our safety guidelines to know what to expect. We are asking our families to please RSVP so our team can adequately plan, ensuring we have enough spaces and volunteers prepared. At this time, we will not be offering childcare for ages below 2, but we hope to add this in the near future as we build up our team of volunteers.

We will also add an in person mid-week program for Kids (1st-5th grade) starting on Wednesdays in November from 6:30-8pm. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Megan.

student ministry

Starting October 25th, we'll be offering an in person Student Service on Sundays for Middle School (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th) at 8:30a, 10a & 11:30am.

They can also join us on Wednesday nights for in person youth group from 6:30-8pm starting on October 14th - which will include a time of community, worship and small groups. They will meet outdoors as weather permits and will move indoors as needed. See below for what you can expect at our in person gatherings including our protocols and safety guidelines.  If you have any questions please contact Jess or Jake.

groups can move indoors

We will have indoor spaces on our campus available for Groups during the week who would like to meet at church. We have limited options at this time and it will depend on the size of your group, so please contact Dana (dneville@fairoaks.church) directly to inquire about reserving a room.

We are asking that groups maintain social distancing, wear masks while indoors and not bring any food or drink to share. See below for more safety guidelines for indoor group meetings.

got more questions?

If you're looking for more insight about how and why we arrived at this format for ministry in this season, we recommend reading through the F.A.Q. section.
If you have further questions, you can contact our Covid-19 Response Team directly at covidresponse@fairoaks.church.


Why are we making this shift at this time?

Our Covid-19 Response Team and our church leadership is feeling led to provide more options for our church family who are ready to gather in person - especially our families with kids and teens. We feel this is the best timeline for moving ministry indoors starting October 25th through the end of 2020. We anticipate more shifts as we move into new tiers and will continue evaluating what is best for our church.

Why do I need to RSVP to church?

Because we have capacity limitations of 100 people or less per service, we are asking that everyone RSVP to reserve seats. This will help us best accommodate our church family, assess if/when we need to add services, and provide information for contact tracing if needed (in the event someone tests positive for COVID-19 and potentially exposed someone).


Our team has determined having all our worship services in the FLC is the best arrangement at this time. It makes the most sense for us to set up and maintain one venue instead of multiple - not only from a tech and equipment standpoint (as this space is setup for filming and streaming), but also managing and cleaning our facilities.  

WHY this particular arrangement? 

We arrived at this solution after much discussion, prayer and input from our teams! During this season, the heaviest load has fallen on our tech and worship teams as they have gone above and beyond making our services happen. This format meets the needs of our church and is the most feasible for our team at this time. And it's temporary! As we move forward, we will reassess and make needed adjustments.

Why not do simultaneous services like we have previously done?

While we have done services at the same time in multiple venues in the past, this format is not ideal for our present situation or where we want to be in the future. Our vision and goal is church UNITY! We want to move away from being divided in separate rooms, and move towards being together! Moreover, our team does not have the bandwidth to run two services simultaneously. With consecutive services we can utilize the same worship and tech team, we able are to offer live worship and live preaching to hear one, unified message, and our Pastors and staff are able to be present and available at all services.

8:30a, 10a & 11:30a - why these service times?

Shifting our service times is a strategic, visionary decision to help our church grow beyond this season of COVID! This service schedule allows us to facilitate 3 services in the morning instead of only 2. The 8:30am service time seems to be best for our Classic service, 10am is most ideal for families with kids and 11:30am is best for younger adults (an age demographic we were currently not reaching with our previous format). We think now is a good time to shift to these service times in hopes this will enable church growth in the future. It will also serve us well temporarily while we have such limited capacity per service (100 people or less).

What will happen to online services?

Our online services will continue to be a priority for us! Why? Because we value those in our church family who are unable to come in person due to health concerns and we want to provide a service option for them. Additionally, we recognize that church online makes our church more accessible to those who would otherwise never come to our church campus. We believe this as an important evangelism tool that helps expand our reach to bring the gospel message of Jesus to the lost in our community and beyond!

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