elder & Deacon nominations

do you know someone who would be a great leader for our church?

Fair Oaks Church seeks spiritually mature men and women to lead and govern our church and serve as spiritual overseers of all ministries. 
Prior to recommending someone, please review the Elder & Deacon responsibilities and qualifications information below.
Learn who are current elders are here

Our Church Office Nominating Committee (CONC) is made up of our pastors and current elders and deacons and is appointed by Session annually.
They have the responsibility of reviewing recommendations, vetting candidates for elders and deacons, and nominating them for congregational approval to serve in the coming year.
If you have any questions related to recommending elders or deacons, please email nominations@fairoaks.church.

meet the nominees

The CONC has been hard at work interviewing recommendations and has a full slate of nominations for elders and deacons.
We will be voting on these elders and deacons at our upcoming congregational meeting on November 5, 2023.

If you want to submit recommendations to be considered for future, scroll below to the nomination form.

michael shumaker

Nominated for Elder
Michael is currently an elder and has been helping oversee areas of community and care. He is ready and willing to serve another 3-year term beginning in 2024.

andrew hatfield

Nominated for Elder
Andrew is married with two daughters. He has been serving as a deacon for the past year, is heavily involved with Student Ministry and is currently taking seminary classes.

deacon nominees

Kim Thomas
Phil & Terri Nicholson
Larry Meyer
Mary Rigney
Kay Brown
Kathy Homer
Lorna Todd

yvonne robertson

Nominated for Elder
Yvonne Robertson is a wife and mom. She has been serving with Student Ministry as a small group leader and has been involved helping lead our Young Adult group.

elder responsibilities & requirements

A growing follower of Jesus
A member in good standing of Fair Oaks Church
A person of wisdom, discretion and maturity

Elders are chosen by Fair Oaks Church members and serve for a 3 year term on Session, the governing body of our church.
Our elders provide spiritual oversight, encouragement, and counsel to specific areas using their gifts and applicable experience, as well as the overall ministry of Fair Oaks Church.

Session meets monthly to guide and support the life of Fair Oaks Church in spiritual, financial, and strategic matters.
Each Session meeting lasts about 2 hours, and may require some preparation. Elders also serve as representatives to meetings of our Presbytery & the General Assembly of our denomination: the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).


Deacons are chosen by Fair Oaks Church members and serve in one of three classes, each for a three-year term on the Board of Deacons.
Deacons meet monthly. Deacons serve in various areas of Care Ministry (Visitation, Memorials, Sundays, etc.)
If you have any questions about Deacons, please contact Pastor Cliff.

elder/Deacon recommendations

submit names to our nomination committee to recommend
them for future church officer roles (elder or deacon)

please ensure the candidate you wish to RECOMMEND.
1) is a mature follower of jesus
2) is a member in good standing of fair oaks church
3) A person of wisdom, discretion and spiritual maturity

elder/deacon nominee's information:

nominator information: