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Changed by an Unchanging God

Despite our present circumstances, or rather, because of them, we have the opportunity to grow. It’s often the hardships we face that God uses as instruments to bring about the transformation of our character to become more like Jesus.

This isn’t about turning over a new leaf, but getting a new life! Jesus is a with-us God who loves to see change in our lives as a result of time spent in His presence. What if spiritual transformation is not as complicated as we think it is?

We often hear stories and celebrate the changes God made in the lives of famous Bible heroes like Moses, King David, the apostle Paul, Peter, and many others. Instead, we’ll be looking into the lives of less noted people God transformed. These seldom studied characters are like many of us; people who needed the touch of God and real life change. Just like us, their change was no less necessary or pivotal in their lives and the lives they touched. Come and learn how they changed from this to that and how God can do the same with you!

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