Married Couples Ministry

Mariners is a ministry specific to married couples with a strong focus on building relationships
and providing service to our church and community.

Mariners is made up of Christian couples bonding in small groups of twelve couples called a “ship.” The “crew” of each ship becomes an extended family on the voyage of life. The mission of the Mariners program is to support couples in our congregation with fellowship, loving care, and spiritual nurture…building friendships that last a lifetime.  Each ship meets regularly, celebrating the Christian faith, and sharing and growing with each other. Activities range from Bible study, dining out, theater, weekend excursions, couples retreats, and more!


A commitment to serve in our community and church is also an important emphasis of Mariners.

 Every member of the crew has an opportunity to share their gifts and talents through service projects and other ministries that put feet to faith, touching lives in Jesus’ name. You can’t imagine all the many community-based projects and ministries that our Mariners support!

Mariners also provide and host refreshments between services and share together in fleet functions throughout the year.

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