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“Anxious hearts are very heavy, but a word of encouragement does wonders.”
Proverbs 12:25
Covid-19 and the stay-at-home order has kept many of us home for months. Even now, as many of us return to work and shopping, people in long-term care facilities are stuck inside, some confined to their own personal rooms. No family. No visitors. It must feel like solitary confinement. So, what can we do to help?
Champions of Life ministry team has a creative solution to care for them! We are recruiting volunteers to become Pen Pals for those in our own church family and beyond who are living in isolation. 

What's the commitment? Simply agree to send a card, letter or package once a week over the coming months via snail mail, email or Facebook. Please keep in mind that the resident you write to may or may not respond.

Who do you know living in isolation due to Covid-19? It could be a Fair Oaks Church member or one of your own friends or relatives. First, check to see if they would like to have a Pen Pal and then complete the form below.

Thank you for helping to care for the lonely, especially during this difficult time of isolation.
If you have any questions or trouble using this form please contact Amy directly at

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