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Learn more about the search process for the next Senior Pastor of Fair Oaks Church

timeline & updates


March - Session is informed and invited to be a part of discernment process.
April - Initial meeting with MinCom Presbytery.
May - Meeting with MinCom Presbytery with Senior Pastor. Session Meeting to finalize decision and next steps.
June 1 - Pastor Josh makes email/video announcement to church and invitation to congregational meeting on 6/12
June 5 - Pastor Josh makes announcement in services (role change and congregational meeting on 6/12)
June 7 - Email regarding Session's PNC nominations, opportunity for members to nominate names for PNC, and congregational meeting details
June 12 - Congregational Meeting to nominate/vote on PNC members. Congregation approved 10 members (8 church members and 2 current Elders) to serve as the Senior Pastor Search Committee.
July - PNC meets 3 times during the month. PNC met with the Stated Clerk (the head) of our Presbytery and were briefed on the process Presbytery expects PNC to follow. PNC elected Jesse Huff as chair and Toni Horvath vice-chair. PNC revised job description and submitted to Session for approval, which can be posted and shared once approved.
August 5 - Email communication to update congregation about progress
August 21 - Job Description approved by Session.
October 12 - Job Description Posted. Vanderbloemen Search Group selected to assist with sourcing candidates and posting job. Email Update.
October 21 - Email update about Vanderbloemen visit on 11/6 and asking congregation to participate in groups to give input.
October 26- Email update Q&A about Vanderbloemen Search Group and process of partnering with PNC
November 6 - In Person Update about search process scheduled for Congregational Meeting at 11:45a, Focus Groups with Vanderbloemen & PNC
November 5 & 7 - Vanderbloemen meets with Session and Staff
November 20 - Vanderbloemen Posts Position through network


January 29  - Representative from the PNC shared update at congregational meeting regarding process and timeline (PNC will meet in February with Vanderbloemen to review candidates, followed by initial interviews with PNC and top candidates and will continue with interview process according to EPC guidelines. The PNC could have a nomination to present to the congregation as early as spring of 2023, however, this is an ideal timeline.)
March 17 - Initially, more than 100 applicants were reviewed. After many interviews, vetting, and praying, the PNC will continue to move forward with one of the candidates presented by the Vanderbloemen Search Group. They are prepared to continue the search if God closes doors. Continued prayers are appreciated.
April 28 - Your PNC team is still in the process of vetting a candidate, one that we pray can visit Fair Oaks in the coming month. We will share more details with you as those plans unfold. Your team is sincerely grateful for your ongoing prayers and support. Please continue to pray for wisdom, guidance, and God’s plan to be revealed in the calling of our next Senior Pastor.

interested in applying?

pastor nominating committee

After our Congregational Meeting on June 12, here are the 10 individuals voted in by the congregation to serve on the search team. They will work together to discern who God is calling to lead Fair Oaks Church next. They will ultimately nominate a candidate for Senior Pastor for our congregation to consider and vote on. If you want to contact this team with questions or candidates to suggest, please email

karina fielden

Karina is one of our elders, overseeing Kids Ministry. She is an Independent Study teacher at El Sereno High School and loves volunteering, often joined by her husband and two daughters. Their family serves at local outreach events and mission trips.

jesse huff

Jesse is a long-time member of Fair Oaks and has served many terms on Session. He has a wealth of finance experience in government, non-profits and church settings. He is currently on Session serving as an elder overseeing church finances.

paul winther

Paul is a long-time member at Fair Oaks Church. He has served as an elder and deacon in the past. He has a professional background in accounting and currently serves as a member of the Finance commission.

john paul hudson

JP has been a faithful church member of Fair Oaks for more than 25 years. He is married to Tammi Hudson, our current leader of Kids Ministry. JP has served as both a deacon and elder in the past, currently leads a Life Group with Tammi, has been involved with both the Kids and Student ministries and led team mission trips to La Esperanza in Mexico.

john paul jones

Long-time church member, committed to serving and worshipping at Fair Oaks. He is an active member of various small groups among our church community, and has served in various ways over the years.

David Araldi

Dave was greatly impacted by FOPC back in the 80s, which was part of what led he and his family to return in 2016! Dave is an amazing dad and husband, and he enjoys fellowship with life groups and serving on missions.  Dave has a professional background working in recruiting and talent solutions, and he is currently serving as an elder and member of the personnel committee.

bethany venable

Bethany grew up at Fair Oaks Church. She and her husband and kids have faithfully been a part of our church. Bethany has been a small group leader, coordinated our Mom’s group, volunteered with Kids and Student Ministry, and is a big supporter of bringing women in our church together.

greg wanner

Greg and his family are long-time church members. He has been involved with mission trips, is part of a Marinership group and has served as a deacon in the past.

toni horvath

Toni is a long time member of Fair Oaks Church. She is a mom and professional therapist. She raised her family here, and continues to be involved in various ways. She has served as an elder, has helped lead women's ministry, and has a heart for teaching and counseling.

debbie veale

Debbie is a long-time church member, who has been a faithful volunteer teaching Sunday school for kids and leads Bible studies for adults. She is a prayerful person devoted to studying and teaching God's Word.