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With all the excitement surrounding reopening our campus on March 21, you have probably noticed some things that look a little different on campus! And after a few weeks of worshipping together, we recognize you might have some questions. We hope these answers help bring clarity and understanding to some recent changes.
If you have further questions or concerns, you can reach out to us directly.
We appreciate your grace and patience as we navigate a new season together.


What has changed with worship music in services?

We’ve offered both traditional and contemporary styles of music in services for years. This involved different worship leaders, different worship teams, different preachers and different messages. While this created more variety, it didn’t help lead us to greater church unity. A few years ago, we moved from having multiple preachers to one, unified message every weekend. During the pandemic, God has made a way for us to take another step of unity! For the first time in a long time, we have one Worship Director, Lauren Ross, who is leading and overseeing all of our music and musicians for both styles of worship. You can expect a more traditional worship set at the 8:30a service, and 10a being more contemporary, with some overlap of songs between both services. As we regroup and regather our choir, Lauren will also be leading them and incorporating them as part of services in the coming months. We are extremely blessed by Lauren’s gifts and grateful for her leadership!

Why are there speaker stands on stage?

We decided to move the sound system from the Family Life Center into the Worship Center to create the best worship experience, while also respecting our budget for the fiscal year. Our primary reason for removing the old sound system was an issue of safety. Additionally, the PA system was nearly twenty years old and in urgent need of an upgrade. To minimize spending, we opted for the cost-effective solution of placing the speakers on stands. The speakers are currently positioned for optimized sound coverage according to a professional analysis of the physics and dimensions of the room, and the performance capabilities of our PA system. We know this might not be the most ideal setup, given that they obstruct the view of the stage and LED wall, depending on where you are sitting in the room. Given our budget and time constraints, we feel this is the best solution at this time. Our team is pursuing a longer-term solution of rigging the speakers above the stage, but this will take some engineering and financial resources to do safely.  Meanwhile, we will be  making adjustments to lift the speakers higher which should aid in the visibility of the stage.


The main reason we had to reconfigure the stage was to accommodate AV equipment, while maintaining the existing features (elements like choir, organ, piano, musicians, etc). Our team redesigned the stage layout by removing the choir loft and replacing the floors, giving it a fresh look. Now we have more usable square footage on stage to utilize. Moveable platforms allow us to have more adaptability in how we can configure the stage. New, modular risers for the choir have been ordered, allowing us to have more flexibility in utilizing the space for services.

what has changed with the lighting?

Like our sound set up, the lighting in the Worship Center has undergone an upgrade in the most cost effective way possible. Our new lights allow a variety of configurations and displays, but most important, they are a more natural light than the old style stage lights. This versatile lighting system helps us create an environment for everyone to worship. Depending on your preference, we calibrate the lights differently for services on Sundays. If lighting is a concern for you, we offer a simplified experience at 8:30a, and a more immersive and elaborate experience at 10a.

Why aren’t we using the large projector screens?

The projectors we have need to be replaced and are incompatible with the tech we need to make our services a quality experience. In order to improve our visual experience with screens hung from the ceilings or walls, we need major funding for either moving/replacing the screens with a better solution and potential structural modifications to the room. To best utilize our resources and stay within budget, we are using the LED wall as our main screen, which is a quality and reliable solution! We also have side screens (existing TVs) to display lyrics and graphics for those who can’t see the LED wall. We are still adjusting our setup to accommodate everyone’s needs the best we can.

What about the piano and organ?

We tuned and maintained these instruments over the past year and we continue to utilize them in our worship services. Most Sundays, we have an organist and pianist playing a prelude, postlude and during our worship set at the 8:30a service. As a massive and dynamic instrument, it becomes very challenging to mic the organ for streaming services without spending a significant amount of funds. While the organ fills the Worship Center with sound, it will sound quieter watching online. More questions about the sound online? Keep reading below.

The sound and audio mix online sounds different than it did before. Why is that?

Some of you watching online have expressed the sound is quieter overall or during certain parts (speaking, instruments, singers). Try adjusting the volume, especially if you are casting to a TV or another device. Our team is currently working to create 2 separate audio mixes simultaneously - one for the Worship Center and one for the live stream online. While both are important, we have to prioritize our in-person experience to ensure no damaging scenarios to our sound system, and a pleasant listening environment for people in the room. In order to improve multiple audio mixes for both in person and online, we would have to expand our team and build a separate broadcasting facility. Presently, we simply do not have the people or resources to do this. Know that our team is working hard to do as much as we possibly can to create the best quality sound for services so you can participate in our worship experiences.

what hasn't changed?

Fair Oaks Church is and has always been a Jesus church. This means that whatever we do, whatever styles or tools or programs we employ, we are about Jesus Christ.
We still get to gather on Sundays to worship Jesus and proclaim His gospel. 
This is our top priority, our most urgent activity, and our greatest privilege.
Our church vision is still about making disciples of Jesus as a church family! 
Our mission is still to become mature in Christ, in selfless love and service.
We are still a church that cares for one another, but is also concerned with reaching the lost, and creating a culture and environment that draws in future generations of Jesus followers!
We are still seeking unity, as a healthy church family, setting aside our own interests to accomplish this God-sized vision together.

where can i ask questions or share feedback?

You can also send general comments and questions to our team at info@fairoaks.church or fill out the form below, which is sent directly to our Executive Pastor, Garrett Brown. If you are in person, we have Communication Cards located in the pews and at the Welcome Wall in the lobby of the Worship Center, which you can submit by dropping it in the giving boxes. When you give feedback, please provide your name and contact information, giving us the opportunity to follow up with you and respond.
Thank you for remaining kind and respectful when sharing your comments with us.

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